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Converts Microsoft Access files from original DB formats to EXE format
Question by Randy
September 18, 2023

When I get to the place where I try to run the program, it gives me a small letter-box window with a blinking cursor to enter the "DB File to Convert to EXE". It won't allow me to type the file name. Maybe I'm computer illiterate, but what am I doing wrong?

Pooja Bajaj
Answer by Pooja Bajaj

It seems like you are experiencing a problem with the "DB to Exe" program. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the issue without further information or access to the program. However, one possible solution could be to ensure that the program has the necessary permissions or try running it as an administrator. Additionally, you could try reinstalling the program or contacting the program's support team for further assistance.

Question by ali
January 21, 2019
Answer by Roland Diskayne

'123abc' without quotes is the password to extract executable files from this zip archive that is protected to avoid attacks from virus and mainly from antivirus false positive alerts in the Internet servers.

Question by Ali
February 28, 2016

Can I use DB to Exe with Office 2016? Is there other alternative?

Answer by Sean Hill

According to the information on the official website, you can use the application with the following file formats: .adp; .mdb; .ade; .mde; .mdw; .accdb; .accde; .accdt; *.accdr. There is nowhere mentioned about Access 2016, and I don't think it will be because it hasn't been updated in a very long time.

Note: I have downloaded and run the software on Windows 10 64bit and it works just fine.

Alternatively, you can use MDECompiler because it does the same thing as DB to EXE application. Use the following link to access it: http://mdecompiler.com/

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